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Abeiku Musk bent down to wipe clean his shoes for the umpteenth time. The Martian air was veiled with red dust. He hated it here; he hated being a spacefaring and multi-planetary specie. Switching between planets wasn’t as fun as he thought.
“I want to go home”; he screamed to no one in particular. He missed everything Earth, most especially Grams; she was such a bundle of joy.
“I want to go home”; this time, more loudly.
The sound waves of his voice spiralled into the almost starless night sky. Humans on planet Earth had shrunk the stars, confined them to heat-resistant cases and called them ‘torchlights’. For every star shrunk, a human lost his common sense.
Mars had been terraformed by his father, Elon, in the year 2025. Thirty years on and not much had changed; human species still ‘trans-planeted’. One thing he didn’t understand however, was why Dad banned him from using any of the Red Dragon spaceships to return to earth.


24th July, 2055. 2:25 pm, TechToday- Accra, Ghana, Earth.

Kofi gazed intently at the space where the land never met the sky; the horizon. He was off duty today so he spent some time walking on the streets in the city.
‘Extend your life, cease facial wrinkles, and look young forever’. Virtual displays on the sidewalk hovered around him, ready to wade into the minds of pedestrians who willed them. These were advertisements which escaped the clutches of digital marketers and strategists who had confined them to Facebook, Twitter and the what-nots.
His connection system buzzed within; it was an incoming call from the Inspector General of Police. ‘Answer’, he thought.
‘Officer Kofi Musk, there is an extra-terrestrial invasion at the Flagstaff house now, move to duty immediately. I repeat, there is…’
Kofi ended the connection. There was no time to listen to repeated instructions.
‘Temporal teleportation activated’
‘Destination- Flagstaff house’


Flagstaff House-Accra- Ghana, Earth.

Joel Atta Mills was restless. The security alarm had been beeping for close to 20 minutes now. His virtual assistant, AI Precious, was activating the presidential teleportation mode to transport him to safety. Today was exactly forty-three years since his dad had passed on, leaving him a whole nation to govern. Why should an invasion occur today of all days? The aliens were still at the basement; security was tight enough to hold them momentarily. An image appeared in his cabinet.
‘Officer Musk, such a delight…’
‘No time for pleasantries, Mr President’
‘AI Precious, where is the nearest safety base?’; Kofi asked the virtual assistant.
‘Keta, Sir’
‘Activate permanent teleportation mode for 2 hours travel’
‘Unfortunately, that would be impossible, Sir’
‘Why is that?’
‘The extra-terrestrial beings have solidified the oxygen in the atmosphere making an attempt to step out in the open a death warrant.
‘But I teleported here, how is that possible?’
I’m afraid, Sir but the DNA scan shows you are not completely human; you have Martian blood in your system. That explains why the freeze on oxygen did not affect your transport. It would take another of your kind to activate a permanent teleportation mode for the President, Sir.
Joel looked petrified but there was no time for explanations yet. Kofi knew who to call. He activated his connection system and placed a call to Mars.
‘Abeiku, operation return to Earth immediately’


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