Facebook to increase personal interactions by de-prioritizing public content 

Facebook might just change your newsfeed a little bit so that you see less of published content and more of ‘friend-family’ engagement.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he was changing the goal from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.

Yay or nah?

Snapchat’s redesign not going down well with users.

Snapchat launched a new layout and the feedback is everything but okay. Users are bitterly complaining and strongly kicking against what was meant to be the new big design.

Snapchat Inc on the other hand assured that people will soon adapt to the new look as resisting change is only normal.

Facebook still buzzing over H&M controversy.

TechToday surveyed responses on a thread following a Facebook advertisement by the famous clothing business and realized that people won’t be getting over H&M’s mistake anytime soon.

But like any error, it is meant to be forgiven yet not forgotten.

Canva worth 1 billion

Your all time favorite design app has raised $40 million to make the start-up’s value worth over a billion. This comes after a long thread of achievements for Canva including launching an android app.

Canva hopes to break records in this year.

Facebook shares fall by 5% following Mark’s big announcement.

As at Friday, FB shares hovered around $179 as against the previous $188. The decline is as a result of the social media company de-prioritizing published content.

Obviously investors were not happy with the change thus the fall in stock.

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